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Finding Self-Compassion: A Group for 

Perfectionists, People-Pleasers, & Overthinkers


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You've spent enough time being hard on yourself. It's time to be kind to yourself.

What do perfectionists, people-pleasers, and overthinkers have in common? A very loud, harsh inner critic that's an expert at building up anxiety and pushing you to meet unrealistic expectations for yourself. It insists that you shouldn't take "selfish" time-outs for self care, and if you have a problem, you should be able to figure it out by yourself. Self doubt and second-guessing are knee-jerk reactions.

It's hard to feel like you're enough.


If you're mentally and emotionally exhausted from putting yourself down and pushing aside your own needs in the name of productivity, achievement, or avoiding rejection and mistakes at all costs, this group may be for you.


The goal of this online group is to help you more confidently give yourself permission to make mistakes (and learn from them instead of dwell on them), put your needs before the wants of others (instead of putting their wants before your needs), and take action toward the life you want (instead of getting stuck in your own mind). 

'Finding Self-Compassion' is an ongoing group, and meets every other week on

Tuesdays, 7:00pm - 8:30pm.


Investment is $60 per 90-minute session (paid monthly).

Registration includes a 50-minute intake session for new clients, for a one-time fee of $160.

A portion of these costs may be covered by insurance.

Space is limited to 6 members.

Due to licensing laws, members must attend virtual groups from California.

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Why work with me?

With an extensive background in mindfulness-based approaches, including Mindful Self-Compassion and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, I'm able to provide a space in which we not only talk about effective strategies for building self-acceptance, but practice them. I can guide you through new patterns of relating to your inner critic so you don't feel like its toxic messages are overpowering you.
I've had 10 years of experience helping people practice balancing attending to others and attending to yourself in a group setting. These in-session experiences will help you develop the mind's 'muscle memory' in approaching life with greater self-compassion and self-acceptance. 

Interested in this Group?

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