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Resilient and Empowered:

Sexual Trauma Survivors Group for Women



It's time to reclaim your life from sexual trauma

Long after experiencing sexual trauma, you can still have strong feelings of grief, shame, guilt, fear, or a sense of isolation and disconnection from others. It may feel too daunting to begin building trust and emotional or physical intimacy in a relationship. Or you may struggle to recognize what a trusting relationship looks like. It may also feel too scary to open up to people around you because you're not sure they'll understand.


This group is all about regaining your self-worth and sense of empowerment and helping you recognize that you're not alone. It offers a safe, healing space for woman survivors (ages 18 and up) to support and empower each other and to learn new skills to help navigate through relationships and deal with difficult emotions that come up for survivors. Additional goals of the group include:

  • Having a safe environment where you can be heard, believed, and validated 

  • Reclaiming your identity so you don’t feel defined by the trauma  

  • Exploring topics like trust, intimacy, and boundaries to help you confidently seek out healthy relationships

  • Changing your relationship with the inner critic so it has less control over your self-esteem 

  • Learning about how the trauma of sexual assault affects the mind and body, including practical coping skills that utilize the mind-body connection

  • Understanding how societal and cultural issues have impacted your experience

  • Using group talk therapy, expressive arts, and psychoeducation to help you process feelings of grief, shame, fear, and disconnection.

The 10-week series includes:

  • 8 group therapy sessions

  • 2 live workshops on topics that are personalized to the group's needs (sample topics include: Self-Love, Boundaries, Grief, Anger)

  • Self-guided online course on topics such as Coping with Triggers, Intimacy After Trauma, and Mindfulness for Survivors 

'Resilient and Empowered' will meet weekly for 10 weeks, 90 minutes each session.

Next series:

February, 2024

Thursdays, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Now Enrolling!


Investment is $60 per 90- minute session ($600 for the full 10-week series and online course).

Registration for new clients includes a 50-minute intake session for a one-time fee of $160.

Payment plan available. A portion of these costs may be covered by insurance.

Space is limited to 6 members. 

Due to licensing laws, members must attend virtual groups from California.

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Why work with me?

My specialized focus on working with sexual assault survivors started twelve years ago. Since then, I've worked with survivors at all different stages of coping; from crisis support on the same day of an assault, to decades after sexual abuse. 
I have an extensive background in trauma-informed mindfulness-based approaches and expressive arts techniques, which I often incorporate into individual and group work, in addition to traditional talk therapy. I take societal and systemic issues seriously when it comes to the role they play in your experience of trauma and shame, and I am passionately driven to empower you to overcome self-blame and rediscover your self-worth.

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