Get one-on-one teletherapy sessions for more personalized support as often as once per week. These are 50-minute sessions conducted via secure video or phone.


*Currently accepting new clients

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Individual therapy sessions allow us to really zero-in on your personal experiences and goals. Goals may include:

  • Increasing self-acceptance and self-compassion so you're not constantly comparing yourself to others, or to your vision of who you think you "should" be

  • Learning how to work with, rather than against, difficult emotions such as anxiety, depression, shame, stress, and grief

  • Navigating through tough situations like grief and loss (like death of a loved one, breakups/separation/divorce) and adjusting to major life transitions (such as parenthood or a new career).

  • Building a greater sense of self worth instead of relying on your productivity, achievements, or praise from others to define you.

  • Developing greater self-awareness, including being able to identify your own thought patterns and relational patterns, and create healthier habits

  • Staying motivated to take actions that bring you closer to the life you want, without getting distracted by self doubt or perfectionism

  • Healing the effects of trauma and rewiring automatic fear responses by boosting your brain's built-in abilities for resilience.   

  • Exploring your own sense of identity and purpose so you feel like you're living your life with intention rather than being stuck on autopilot

  • Improving your focus on the present moment rather than worrying about the future or dwelling on the past, so you can more frequently experience feelings of joy.

Investment is $150 for a 50-minute session.

A portion of these cost may be covered by insurance.

*Currently accepting new clients

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