Perfectionist Parents:

First-Time Moms



THURSDAYS 11:00am - 12:30pm

Starting November 5, 2020


*babies welcome

Led by Kalene Khan, LMFT#99357

via secure HIPAA-complaint video chat platform


Image by Elizeu Dias


First-time mothers deal with a particularly toxic type of inner critic. It can interrupt your ability to be present with your new baby and can prevent you from feeling like you can truly enjoy motherhood


As a perfectionist, you may already rely on checking off items from your to-do list in order to feel a sense of worthiness. This was hard enough to deal with, and now your to-do list as a mother has grown exponentially, and you’re finding it hard to keep up, or even know if you’re putting the “right” items on your checklist. 


You may experience other common struggles of motherhood, like a sense of isolation and feeling misunderstood. There may be grief and confusion as you leave the pre-baby lifestyle and dive into a completely new identity. 


You may feel guilt and shame because you believe this isn’t how you “should” feel as a new mother. Your inner critic insists you shouldn’t need help.

If you’re tired of letting the “should’s”, checklists, and unrealistic expectations of motherhood determine your value and get in the way of enjoying life as a new mom, this group may be for you. Its goal is to help first-time moms feel less distracted by the inner critic, and more present in their new life with Baby.


This virtual group was created to help you build self-compassion and confidence as you navigate through the wonderful yet confusing and anxiety-provoking world of motherhood. It’s a place for you to connect with fellow first-time moms who are struggling with the same feelings of frustration, self-judgement, guilt, and fear; where you can support each other in building greater acceptance for the imperfect moments of motherhood. 

This group is for first-time mothers who anywhere from 3rd trimester to 2 years postpartum. Babies are welcome!

Investment is $50 per session (paid monthly).

Registration includes a 50-minute intake session for a one-time fee of $150.

A portion of these costs may be covered by insurance.

Space is limited to 6 members.

Due to licensing laws, members must attend virtual groups from California.

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Perfectionist Parents: First-Time Moms

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